Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ariel, ikaw ba yan?

So, eto na naman ako, sa makailang ulit na pagsubok sa pagsusulat, na never naman naging successful.

Ewan ko, hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit hindi ko maipagpatuloy ang pagsusulat ko. Marami naman dahilan na sa palagay ko eh, qualifies me to write a blog. Besides, that's the whole point naman ng internet di ba? To give freedom to everyone?

Una na sa listahan ng mga dahilan ko kung pwede ako magsulat;

1. Comm Arts Graduate ako, at paborito kong subject nung college eh basta meron pagsulat. Of course, love ko rin yung mga acting-actingan na subjects. Di ko na siguro mabilang kung ilang characters na ang naisabuhay ko (charos!).

2. Marami naman akong experience na pwedeng i-share. I think, meron akong mga kwento na worth reading and may opinyon naman ako na worth listening to.

Feeling ko lang ha, ang tunay na dahilan kung bakit never naging successful ang pagsusulat ko kahit ilang bese ko syang subukan, eh dahil walang akong boses. Alam mo yun? Di ba sa Marketing, dapat meron kang Unique Selling Point? Ayun, wala ako nun. Wala akong maiisip na ganun. Kasi nga, yung mga blogs that I always read, meron silang "niche" stories. Yun bang istorya na alam mong sila lang ang may talent na mag deliver.

Ganito yan eh, parang the classic rivalry between Nora and Vilma. May mga roles na para kay Nora talaga. Halimbawa, nahihirapan akong makita is Ate Vi bilang bida ng Himala. Feeling ko, ang character na yung eh sinulat talaga meant for Ate Guy. Same with Sister Stella L, pang Ate Vi lang yun.

Teka, I'm digressing. I think what I'm saying that, I need to find my voice. So sinusubukan kong alalahanin yung mga naituro sa akin nung college about writing and finding my own voice. dapat daw di ako masyado maging conscious about what other people might think kapag nabasa nila yung mga entries ko. So susubukan ko ulit. excited na ako!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Once Again

Sana magtuloy-tuloy na. Gusto kong sumulat. Di ko maintindihan kung anong direction ang tatahakin ko sa pagsusulat. Eto ang mga options:

1. Mag English sa blog. Write in English since this is the language that I use at work. The only thing that is holding me back is that every time I write in this language, it always sounds as if I am writing an office memo. Sad. The upside is that there are some thoughts and ideas that are funnier and wittier if written in English.

2. Magsulat sa Tagalog. Pwede naman to. Kaya lang minsan ang boring.

3. Mag Bekimon. Keri to teh. Eto yung pinaka-bongga. Ang sa akin lang, madami ng ganitong blog, so paano ko naman aangat ang blog ko kung hindi naman ako maglalagay ng picture ng mga mabolap na otoko!

Basta, for now, I just wanna write again. Bahala na si Batman. Or si Catwoman!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hays, eto na naman.

Tinatamad na naman akong magsulat. Tuwing nauumpisahan ko na magsulat, lagi na lang nawawala yung mojo ko. Di ko alam kung bakit. Siguro ang dami ko kasing ginagawa sa trabaho. Sabay-sabay nangyayari yung mga bagay sa buhay ko.

I broke up with my partner of 3 years. Sayang, pero ganyan talaga. Surprisingly, I feel so at peace with my decision. Maybe it's about time. I have been carrying his burden for the longest time. Di ko na siguro kaya maging tagasalo ng issues nya. I need to focus on more important things in life ngayon. Career muna.

So officially, pahinga muna puso ko.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Oh My Freaking Gawd!

That's exactly how I reacted when I read this post from one of my all-time favorite "on-line celebrity"-cum master-blogger, Mcvie.

Like seriously, I am like a giddy five year old during Christmas Day. I am telling you, and by no means, I'm exaggerating, I was literally shaking when I saw thew first line of his entry that day. Maybe it's the geek in me, the fact that I was linked and mentioned to a website and a blog other than my Facebook account. And seriously, followers? Seriously?

This is not a weak attempt at false modesty but I just find it amazing how people can be so... uhm, supportive... and nice perhaps. I mean, here I am asking my humble blog to be linked to McVie's and he triplicated the response by posting something about, well, I'd suppose my blog.

But more than that, I think it's more of what he shared about blogging. For years I have been trying to maintain a blog, an on-line diary of sorts, but I just cannot find the time to keep it. Maybe it's the lack of time, or inspiration, but then it dawned on me that really, the culprit was that, I don't exactly know the reason why I want to blog.

And yes, he is right. Blogging is really like opening yourself to the world. It's sharing *some* of your most inner most thoughts, your bloopers and funny stories, heartbreaks and shitty stuff like that.

Maybe now is the right time for me to do this. Maybe I do have a reason to write now. Experiencing Manila all over again is both exhausting and exhilarating. More so because I have left someone in the islands.

McVie said that for me to be able to write, I need to live life. I guess I'm doing it now. Don't worry McVie, I've been out, believe me. And there are really some juicy tales that is just waiting to explode in my small niche in cyberspace. So keep reading.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


In 35 days, we are going to, once again, line the voting booths and choose the next President that will lead the Philippines for the next 6 years or so. Political pundits are saying that this election is a cross-road for the Philippine society. I am not sure why, and how, because the way how I see things are going these days, it's the same banana!

Candidates are still willing to embarrass themselves by awkwardly dancing with Marianne Rivera or the Sexbomd Dancers in their rallies just to get the people to believe that "Hey, I am one of you." The last Presidential candidate I voted for never stood a chance of winning and sadly, already dead (Raul Roco, not FPJ!).

How much is at stake this time? Well a lot. For a very selfish reason, I am tired of seeing my tax do nothing. Seriously, I work long hours of sweat, blood and tears in the office (ok, that's a bit exaggerated), and I want to see MY TAX WORK! Ok? And second, there are some issues that I also want to see get some action done, say Poverty, Education, Equality (something I am a little more passionate on...) and the Mindanao Conflict (another issue I am passionate about). Really, these are the same things that the last say, 5 elections have been centered around. Let's get some traction people.

So for the benefit of the young-ish people that are my fellow "Facebookers", I have compiled some reasons why we should or should not vote for a particular Presidential candidate. And yes, we should vote! It's our right and responsibility. Don't go whining about your local politician if you did not even bother to vote. So listen up!

Presenting the President Wannabes for 2010 (in alphabetical order)

Vetallano Acosta

Profile: Running under KBL (Marcos' original party, I wonder why Bong-bong is not running under this slate?)

YES: Forgive me for my ignorance, but who the hell is he? I bet he is someone that have done something good for this country and that is pretty much qualified to run for the office since Comelec allowed him to, but I really just don't know him. And sometimes, ignorance is bliss. So maybe, just because I don't know him makes him deserve a second look.

NO: Anyone running under KBL should not be taken seriously. Imelda Papin is one of his Senatorial candidate.

Benigno "Noy-noy" Aquino III

Profile: Only son of Former President Cory Aquino and Political Icon, Ninoy Aquino, brother of Kris Aquino

YES: He has strong and concrete political and social platforms and seems to know what he is doing. He is also aware of the gravity of expectation that is on his shoulders right now, anyone that can still sleep under the enormous pressure can surely be considered to be the next President. Raised under a highly political environment, Noynoy and the Aquino family in general is probably the closest thing the Philippines can ever have for the Kennedy's. He also have good political genes running in his veins. Anyone that was spawned by both Cory and Ninoy Aquino can only be good for our country.

NO: On the contrary, there is Kris Aquino. And also, amongst all the candidates, it seems to be that Noynoy actually has one of the thinnest of resume's. Even Brother Eddie can never be taunted as "inexperienced".

John Carlos "JC" Delos Reyes

Profile: Again, I'm asking you to forgive my ignorance, I barely know the guy, so I heavily rely on what I can find on the internet. JC is from Luzon and is apparently, the nephew of another candidate Dick Gordon. He is currently serving as a City Councilor for Olongapo

YES: John Carlos comes from a very educated family and have tons of Masters and what-have-you's under his belt. He have local political experience and seems to be a very nice guy.

NO: Just like Noynoy, being a City Councilor does not make a President. At least, Aquino is a Senator and was a Congressman. Besides, I don't think anyone is this country is ready to have a president named "JC." Prez JC sounds like a ghetto rapper to me.

Joseph "Erap" Estrada

Profile: Former President, Former Senator and Mayor of San Juan, Actor

YES: Erap probably have the most experience out of all the candidates, after all, he was the President. He was a Mayor, Senator, President and above all award-winning actor. Oh, is that not a qualification?

NO: Two Words: Boracay Mansion.

Richard "Dick" Gordon

Profile: Senator, Chairman of SBMA, Mayor of Olongapo City, Chairman of the Philippine Red Cross for many, many years.

YES: Dick Gordon have consistently proven how effective of a leader he is. He did it in Olongapo City by turning the once sleazy city to the booming business mecca it is today. He conceptualized WOW Philippines media campaign to advance the tourism industry in the country. He performed as one of the top senators in terms of turning bills into actual laws (which is their jobs, by the way), while being the active Chairman of PRC. Clearly, this man does have what it takes to be the President. Plus, anyone that decides to have Bayani Fernando as their VP certainly is a thinking man. Dick Gordon can utter the words "Political Will" and we will not cringe of embarrassment.

NO: Why would people not vote for him? Because Dick Gordon will never win. Let's just say that he possess the "Raul Roco Syndrome". Good in paper, good in action, but lacks the machinery. People will not vote for him because he will never winl. Sad but true.

Jamby Madrigal

Profile: Another candidate from a very political pedigree. Granddaugther of Jose Abad-Santos, Jamby's lineage is of nation-builders and poltical mavericks. Currently serving her 2nd Senatorial term and is Chairperson of 4 Senatorial Committees.

YES: I applaud this ladies audacity to actually run for President. Seriously, why would she do that? She can retire, grab her LV's and lounge in the clear waters of the Bahamas while enjoying a sip of her expensive cocktails. This woman is so rich it's obsence, yet she chose to be part of the dirty political arena of this nation. Surely, that should merit something. Also, based on the records of the Senate, she has voted against all anti-poor, anti-nationalistic bills in the Senate. Impressive.

NO: Jamby will never win or will never get the people to vote for her for two reasons; first, we are suspicious of filthy rich people running for office, we don't understand their intent. And second, she offended Juday's fans. So there.

Nicanor "Nicky" Perlas

Profile: A consultant to influential decision-makers, farmer, banker and a scientist.

YES: Nicky Perlas knows what he is doing. He have been in the sidelights of Philippine governance since Cory Aquino's time. He was the economic and political advisor of Aquino and Ramos. He advocates sustainable development and have been key to some of the initiatives that the aforementioned administrations had. He can probably out-talk and out-plan every other candidate when it comes to economy talk. Perlas' resume is impressive to say the least.

NO: Do we really want another Economist? GMA is one and a Harvard graduate at that. Plus, if Perlas have been advising the previous administrations on their economic and trade relations, is he not part of the blame why we are in deep sh*t now? Think about it.

Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro

Profile: Current National Defense Secretary, running under the administration ticket.

YES: Gilbert Teodoro. Oh Gibo. One fine guy with a resume that has nothing in it's mind but the Presidency. This is a guy built to become the President. From his early high school years with Sanguniang Kabataan, up until his Masters of Law courtesy of Harvard U, Gibo falls under the prototypes of JFK, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. His is a career of well-orchestrated poltical moves and allies. He is from again, a very political family. Gibo and his wife are being packaged as the Philippines version of Barrack and Michelle Obama. And, who would say no to a good looking President? Of all the candidates, Gibo (oh that name alone!) is worth our fancy. We are a lookist country and don't you dare deny it!

NO: Unfortunately, he is with the current administration. Not only he can't chant "Change We Can", because then, he is turning against his boss, but he also cannot trash-talk against the current president. Why should we not vote for him, simply because of all the calculated career-moves he did in the past, this one is an EPIC FAIL.

Brother Eddie Villanueva

Profile: Professor, Economist, Broadcaster, Freedom-fighter, TV Evangelist

YES: Brother Eddie have a lot of things going on. Aside from sitting as a Board Member of a major university in the country, he is also the Chairman of Jesus is Lord Movement. This is his second attempt at the position and we need to give him props for his sheer guts and determination. His resume is also quite impressive with the number of foundations and socio-civic groups that he has lead. Besides, anyone that can lead thousands of people to believe in one thing and move to the same direction can definitely dream of becoming a president.

NO: Why? Because again, we are suspicious of TV Evangelists. Why would he ran for the Presidency? Why would he say that God actually chose him to become our President? How did that actually happen? Did God talk to him and said "Be the President!" ala Moses with the Burning Bush? Were there "messengers" invloved (hint: angels). I am not making a mockery out of his belief, but come on, you do not expect people to believe that God talked to you to run for this office? I remembered GMA also said that. And besides, if ever he becomes the President, what would be his take on the separation of church and state? That would be interesting.

Manuel "Manny" Villar

Profile: Senate President, Chairman of the House, Businessman, a TV monopolizer

YES: Manny Villar, is probably, the most successful PR campaign that ever happened in the recent history of Philippines elections. His campaign jingle with it's mass appeal has become both a symbol and a joke about poverty in the Philippines. True that he was really from a very humble beginning and that he is a self-made man. No one will contest that whatever Villar is enjoying now was borne out of this own hardwork and dedication. His is a story of true success from humble beginnings. Manny Villar embodies "The Filipino Dream" if ever there is one. The fact that he is not from a famous political family but was able to carve a name for his own in this country is already a testament of what Manny can do as the President.

NO: Because he have not explained and articulated his side on some of the most pressing issues that was thrown his way. The supposed deal that he signed to the advantage of his real-estate business is still shady at best. We do not want a President that have questionable business deals (hello Erap and GMA?). Also, when you say "Si Manny ang magtatapos sa ating kahirapan", how exactly would you do that? Would he give out his millions to us? Would he privately fund the government? And please, I feel that the "mahirap" thing is so overplayed. Seriously, we know what you have been through, but that silly line "Nakakain ka na ba ng spaghetti na tira-tira?", of course! Everyone has, right? Left over from birthdays and holidays. Lolz. Just kidding. But man, that commercial jingle, it's OVERKILL! Plus, you invaded FACEBOOK!

So that's about it. Clearly, from the write ups, you'd know who I'd vote for. But I am not writing this to influence any of you. I'd just want everyone to exercise their right of suffrage. After all, it is our country's future we are talking about here.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

90 Days

How time really flies...

A couple of months ago, I was still contemplating whether to accept or decline the offer for me move back here in Manila. I just slept, stumbled, broke a hip and then it's been 90 days.

OMFG! I cannot believe that I have been here in Manila that long already. And that I have not been back to the islands since I left late last year. Sad.

It's just that I have been too busy with so many things. First of course is work. New responsibilities takes time to get used to, plus the fact that I need to work with new people. New boss, new direct reports, new everything. I have to establish new routines and create new relationships. And then I went to the US late January for a week that took a lot of time off me. And then, just when you thought that you have been making leaps on your plans to take a vacation, you suddenly realize that you actually does not have the time for it.

I know that this is temporary and that I will be able to create my own life here. I know that the sadness that I am feeling right now is just because again, it's a weekend.

But I just miss my island life. I miss my friends there. I miss my boyfriend. I miss the people that I used to work with.

I miss my life....

Friday, March 26, 2010


My Bebe is coming over to spend the weekend here in Manila.

This is our arrangement. Sad but true. We live with what we have. Long distance relationship is something new to both of us and we are trying things us.

It's difficult to keep a gay relationship in this world as it is. It is even so much harder with the fact that he lives in the island and I here in the big city.

We try to see each other at least once a month, sometimes if we have the time and resources, twice. Good thing that I was sent to the US a couple of months ago on Business Class and it bumped my Miles into the orbit. We can now use it so he can frequent me in Manila.

Thing is, I am not ready to return to the island. There are just so many things that scares me. First, and most trivial, I have gained weight. Yeah I know, but thing is, I don't want people telling me that I have gained weight first time they see me. That is a good 30 lbs man. So as a measure, I already went back to the gym and tried new workout schemes, I am into boxing.

Seriously, I have gained a new perspective on how difficult what Manny Pacquiao does. And we all think it's easy, apparently, he makes it look easy. But damn, on my third round on that ring, I thought I was seriously going to die! Hahahah! That's what you get when you abandon working out and smoke yourself to death!

Anyway, it's been two days since I have enrolled and I must say that I am immensely enjoying it. I will post more of my boxing experiment and the weight loss program that I am. But for now, let me enjoy a different fight!

Let the real battle begin!!!